Janel St. John

Award-winning Journalist + Entrepreneur

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l Graphic + HTML Page Designer l Fashion Designer

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So what's in a name? Glad you asked. Everything! If you haven't guessed by now, 'Coco Janel' pays homage to one of the entrepreneurs I most admire. Yep! The French fashion designer who changed the game - Gabrielle Coco Chanel - one of the original boss women!

Janel, however, is my real name, given to me by my parents. It's Hebrew and it means God's Gift. 'St. John' pays homage to my other favorite entrepreneur, John H. Johnson, the founder & publisher of Ebony magazine. His book, "Succeeding Against the Odds," is the best business book I've ever read! Fashion and journalism is my life! Both have afforded me some amazing career opportunites. And I'm just beginning! This is my journey. Welcome aboard!






501c3 educational foundation
aRT +cULTURE + dESIGN magazine founded in 2006


niche market marketing founded in 2000


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